hello as some of you know I have hit basically rock bottom and I have not been really well. I deleted my blog and started over to try to get a fresh start. a new blog a new me

i might give this url away to someone if they want it idk but yeah idk

if you want to know my new url you can message me and i will answer maybe ((some people I just don’t wnat to follow anymore it’s honestly nothing personal it might just be that your posts upset me and i don’t wnat to be upset anymore))

i will maybe put updates here just in case anyone follows or checks up on me idk if anyone does but just in case

kinda sucks starting from scratch lol i had a lot of followers and it will be hard to get all of them (or half really) back but i honestly don’t care that much anymore

i am going to be happy and i am going to get better

i am going to see a psychiatrist this week and i will let you guys know how it went

thank you all for being amazing and for all of your kind messages they really cheered me up